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Gold Rush (Variety Show) || 09.05.14

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what are your campus and course choices in UP?
asked by Anonymous

UPM - Public Health, Indus Pharm (regrets pls should have chosen Applied Physics :c)
UPD - Bio, Applied Physics

sobrang labo ng course choices ko =)) gg college

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Frontier 2014 Day 4: The Last Stand || 09.04.14

I can’t believe that 2015’s last Pisay fair is over. </3 Congratulations to Hyperion for giving Pisay a really really amazing fair!!! 

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SwaG++ (I think Grav guys will make great models for photoshoots hahaha)

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Frontier 2014 Day 1 || 09.01.14

Go, 2015! (Go away, rain.) (and don’t you just hate photos with wrong framing it’s so sad)

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(supposed to use these photos for my creative shot hehe but changed my mind lol i think i should have pushed through with it but oh well)

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(A really old photo taken at the observatory)

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Hellooooooo. Can I ask what are your gears? And how do you colorgrade your photos? You have a nice set of photos here. BTW, followed back! :) Take care!
asked by ohmeshed

Hiii =)) I’m not exactly sure of what you meant by “gears” so I hope I’m answering this correctly. @-)) Uhh I use a Canon 700D for most of my recent shots (or my phone hehe) and lenses are: 18-55mm, 55-250mm, and 50mm f1.8. Then for jpg files, I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and sometimes when I’m not feeling lazy, I play around with curves in Photoshop. Uhh for raw files (which I don’t use often lol because they take a lot of space), I use uhh Digital Photo Professional I think =)) Hehe thanks and you too!

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(someday i’ll be able to frame photos with moving subjects properly someday people someday)

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Running Around